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Telehealth Services

Couples Therapy

Initial Diagnostic Evaluation
& Second Opinion

Session length: 60 minutes

This is a detailed, thorough intake in which I review your concerns, important information & records, and talk to your current treaters in order to provide a comprehensive treatment plan. 1 to 2 sessions for adults and 2 to 3 sessions for Children and Teens.

Individual Psychotherapy

Session length: 50 minutes

I approach talk therapy with nonjudgment and openness, meaning it's your safe space to learn about yourself and your relationships. Usually weekly sessions or bi-weekly sessions, I tailor different evidence-based therapies to your situation. These therapies include CBT, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness, ACT, and more.

Child In Speech Therapy
Diagnostic Eval Consult
Support Group

Medication Management or Medication Plus +

Session length: 25 minutes | 50 minutes

Although psychotherapy is at the core of my approach to care, medication may be prescribed when it is indicated for your condition. Medication management is available alone for a 25 minute session or plus psychotherapy for a 50 minute session. Some medications do require labs or other medical monitoring, so you will need to have primary care services to have these done. 


Insurance and Payment

Payment may be made by most major debit and credit cards or health savings accounts (HSA). Payment is due in full at the time of the session. This is paid through the patient portal. I am not contracted with any insurance companies. Instead I am considered an out-of-network provider. I can provide a "superbill" form for reimbursement using your out of network benefits.

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