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PersonFirst Health Is Individualized  Care

Welcome to
PersonFirst Health

Welcome to PersonFirst Health! My name is Dr. Rashad Hardaway. I'm originally from Boston, MA where I completed my medical school education. I'm a Harvard trained psychiatrist and board certified to treat both children and adults. I hope you might consider starting your mental health care journey with PersonFirst Health, where I prioritize your overall wellness and resiliency. Whether you are a member of a religious group or practice a nontraditional faith, are a BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ individual, or any unique identity of importance to you, I welcome you and value your personal story and background.

Rashad Hardaway, MD, FAPA
Child and Adult Psychiatrist

*I am licensed to practice in California and only able to provide telehealth care if you are a California resident**

Mental Health That Focuses On You

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Mental Health Means "Life" Health

The PersonFirst approach to your care is exactly that; you are always a person, first (and foremost), and never seen as a diagnosis or a checklist of symptoms. All aspects of your life are essential to your mental health and total wellness. This is my philosophy for true "patient-centered" care.


Your Life Health is always a priority.

Nourishing Your Growth Mindset

It can be hard to know what to do, and even not feel defeated, when overwhelming and challenging moments in life occur. I place an emphasis on uncovering the answers to "who are you?" and "who are you to become?" during your personal growth journey. And with this direction, we will work toward identifying your most resilient self through therapy and more. This way you learn to access your inner strengths so you may persevere through tough times.

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Support Group

You Lead The Team

Your path to wellness is about empowering you to be the leader of your care. I view our time working together as a collaboration through which I may come to understand your life through your eyes. That way I can support you to feel confident on your personal growth journey. I believe it to be a very important aspect of your care. 

Your Care Is Personalized

Insurance plans today limit the scope of mental health services you are able to access. By not working with insurance companies, I am able to provide you with quality care. Quality care includes being available to you both inside and outside of your sessions, taking the time to care for your overall health, and using modern innovative tools to support you on your wellness path.  


Feel Confident  That Your Concerns Are Understood

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Adult Mental Health

It's a misconception that development stops after adolescence. We continue to grow as adults and face unique challenges as we navigate careers and transitions, fulfill roles within our family, or managing our relationships with others.

Tailored  Telehealth Services to Match Your Needs

Diagnostic Evaluations
& Consultations

Whether you're seeking an initial consultation to start off your care, or if you want a second opinion, I provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to provide thorough treatment recommendations.  

Therapy for Children and Adults

There are many reasons to start therapy. You may even have therapy goals. Keeping your perspective always in sight, let's travel together as a collaborative team on your person growth journey.

Medication Plus +

It's a different approach to the norm. Knowing that many things play a role in optimizing wellbeing, therapy is one tool that's included in your sessions. You have your choice for appointment length: 25 minutes for just medication management or 50 minutes with psychotherapy.

Interested in Becoming a client?


If you are a California resident, I welcome you to reach out using this form. I provide a free 15-minute phone consultation for you to learn more about my practice and to start path to healing and wellness.

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